EWAH & The Vision of Paradise are getting ready to record album two.

We’ve had an incredible time following the release of our album Everything Fades to Blue, playing heaps of shows and festivals, we’ve met top notch people, played with some total legends, been invited to guest on cool projects, EWAH lost a gold sock and found it again still running wild on the town a week later, Stu grew a huge beard and sheared if off again, PB slept under a Doona from outer space, Chucky mastered the art of consuming a bowl of muesli in-transit  and the band were played on an all-time favourite radio show hosted by Jarvis Cocker on BBC6 Radio! And you know what, the whole kit and kaboodle has been self-funded and self-managed. No hired media planner or manager, no label or distribution company. It has been 100% Team Paradise toiling away, playing our hearts out and doing our best to make stuff happen between working day jobs, hanging with friends and family, rolling with the good times and the occasional tough blows that make up life.

Thank you to everyone who has made it along to shows, bought the album, listened on various streaming media and supported us in general with advice, an extra set of hands and extra set of eyes and ears.

We’re about to head into the studio to record. For this project, Paradise Sessions: Album Two  we’re reaching out for donations to get to our goal of $2000 to contribute to recording costs. We’re doing this through Australian Cultural Fund who are a DGR, so any donation over $2 is tax deductible! Erm, and it’s almost end of financial year, so you’ll get the money back in the twinkling of an eye! Bam.

If you’d like to get involved, and then claim your spondoola back on tax, this is where you can donate:

(Note: If you’re a band member’s family then it’s not tax deductible but it’s highly probably you’ll get a positive warm fuzzy feeling.)